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Tier 1 Support

We offer affordable 24x7 tier1 outsourced Help Desk Support for your company and data centres. In this plan, our highly trained and experienced customer service agents and server administrators will be available twenty-four hours a day to take care of all your end-user tier1 support, so that you will be free to focus on your business. When you opt for this plan, our team will deal with basic issues, like collecting customer's information, determine the nature of the issue by replicating and analyzing the symptoms. Once the problem is identified, our team will try to solve the problem using possible solutions available such as internal wiki/knowledgebase. Technical personnel at tier1 level have a basic knowledge of your product or the company and can handle 60%-70% of the user problems before escalating the issue to the next level.

Tier1 Responsibilities

Providing basic troubleshooting

Resetting lost passwords

Escalation to Level 2 or Level 3 support

Collecting user information & analyse the issue

Handle Pre-Sales Questions

Provide prompt feedback to customers

Processing payments

Monitor Alerts

Monitoring & responding to server notifications

Provide prompt feedback to customers

Plan Features

24x7x365 Support Coverage including national holidays

A Team of LI, LII Techs

24/7 Server Monitoring

Unlimited Servers & Clients

Direct communication with technicians via email and slack.

Live chat for your hosting clients

cPanel + Redhat Certified Staff

No ‘canned’ messages

Monthly Security Audits

Daily shift end reports to your team

LI & LII Techs with minimum 3 year’s experience

Responses under your companies branding for transparency

Top reasons to choose tier1support

Quality Technicians

We employ highly qualified and certified professionals in the support industry and are fluent in both writing and verbal communication.

24/7 Availability

We offer 24/7 coverage every day.

Technical Expertise

We possess a wealth of technical expertise with the latest industry qualifications.

Response Time and Quality

We offer a guaranteed response time of 1 hour on average with a 3 hours time frame to resolution for all ...

White Label Support

We offer responses under your companies brand thus making sure we offer white label service.


Tier1supports fully scalable support services can develop alongside your business growth and expansion.

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