24x7 Server Monitoring

We offer 24x7 server monitoring services. In this plan, our engineers will monitor your server round the clock.

24×7 Server Monitoring

Tier1support understands the need for the proper functioning of the server on a 24x7 basis that is a reason we offer 24x7 server monitoring services. In this plan, our engineers will monitor your server round the clock. When you signup for this plan, we will install our monitoring agent on your server which will monitor CPU, Memory, Disk, Load average, Network, Top processes, MySQL, Nginx, Apache, Raid status and send an alert to our slack channel if something goes wrong as per our alert criteria. If you choose reactive server monitoring, our admins will send an email to you explaining the situation and if you choose our proactive server monitoring, our monitoring team will send it to our server management team to manage your issues.

Server Monitoring Features

Dedicated Monitoring Team

Our dedicated server monitoring team will monitor your servers round the clock thus making sure not a single alert is missed for your server.

Hard Disk Usage Report

We will monitor the hard disk usage in your server round the clock and inform you before your disk is full thus avoiding server downtime because of the disk being full.

RAM and SWAP Monitoring

We will monitor the memory usage including RAM and SWAP usage thus catching your server before it runs out of memory and prevents downtime.

CPU Temperature Monitoring

Heat can damage server parts like motherboard, hard disk, etc components. Our CPU temperature monitoring helps you to overcome this situation.

Exim Mail Queue Monitoring

Our Exim Mail Queue Monitoring keeps track of the total queue size when using Exim. We set a certain threshold value for Exim mail queue and when Exim mail queue crosses the threshold an alert is generated.

Mysql Monitoring

Our monitoring agent can monitor various MySQL metrics in your server to find out MySQL abuse and report it to you.

Hard Disk Health Check

Using our disk monitoring tool, we will monitor the status of your HDD, SSD, and/or NVMe drives. We also monitor raid setup in your server and inform you if the disk is failed in a RAID setup.

Apache, Nginx Monitoring

We will monitor various metrics of Nginx & Apache in your server. This helps to prevent various flood attacks on these services and making sure your web server remains online at all times.

CloudLinux Monitoring

We monitor individual users on your CloudLinux servers. We then set alerts for resource abuse and integrate them with our slack so our monitoring team track abusive user in real time.

PHP-FPM Monitoring

If you use PHP FastCGI Process Manager daemon, our monitoring agent will monitor various PHP-FPM metrics and generate an alert based on the given criteria.

Top reasons to choose tier1support

Quality Technicians

We employ highly qualified and certified professionals in the support industry and are fluent in both writing and verbal communication.

24/7 Availability

We offer 24/7 coverage every day.

Technical Expertise

We possess a wealth of technical expertise with the latest industry qualifications.

Response Time and Quality

We offer a guaranteed response time of 1 hour on average with a 3 hours time frame to resolution for all ...

White Label Support

We offer responses under your companies brand thus making sure we offer white label service.


Tier1supports fully scalable support services can develop alongside your business growth and expansion.

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