Pay Per Ticket

The "Per Ticket" plan is suitable for hosting companies that have recently started their business.

Pay Per Ticket

Tier1support provides an affordable and reliable way to have all of your support needs to be handled by a highly experienced and trained support team. The "Per Ticket" plan is suitable for hosting companies who have recently started their business and have low ticket volume looking to outsource their support to a friendly, patient, highly skilled, and professional team of engineers. Our system administrators are available 24 hours a day so no issues will ever be missed.

Key Features

24/7 coverage every day

3 hours resolution time

Responses under your companies branding for transparency

Qualified and Certified Techs

Guaranteed 1 Hour response time

No ‘canned’ messages

Unlimited Clients

Regular Quality Review

Top reasons to choose Tier1support

Quality Technicians

We employ highly qualified and certified professionals in the support industry and are fluent in both writing and verbal communication.

24/7 Availability

We offer 24/7 coverage every day.

Technical Expertise

We possess a wealth of technical expertise with the latest industry qualifications.

Response Time and Quality

We offer a guaranteed response time of 1 hour on average with a 3 hours time frame to resolution for all ...

White Label Support

We offer responses under your companies brand thus making sure we offer white label service.


Tier1supports fully scalable support services can develop alongside your business growth and expansion.

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